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I'm 80% Gamer(Gamer tag)

Tue Nov 4, 2014, 1:13 PM

Tagged by :iconbeladrops:

1. [x] You feel childhood listening to 

2. [x] You listen to video game soundtracks (All the time hehe XD) 

3. [ ] You've tried to make your own video game

4. [x] You've got gaming merchandise and plushies 

5. [x] You know the cake is a lie

6. [x] When you try to talk about video games at school or another place, people have no idea what your talking about (or just surprise for me to know alot about some games...)

7. [x] You spend more than 8 hours on a computer/gaming console a day

8. [x] You have played Pac-Man

9. [x] You own a DS (3dsXL, and PSVita too xD)

10. [x] You own a Wii 

11. [x] You own an xBox or PS3 or PS4 

12. [x] You own a controller 

13. [x] You own a gaming computer (yeah, Steam for life hahaha)

14. [x] You daydream about video games

15. [ ] You are still waiting for Half Life 3 (Waiting for The Last Guardian for years count?)

16. [x] You are still waiting for Portal 3

17. [x] Sometimes you pretend to be video game characters

18. [x] You roleplay about video games 

19. [ ] You have a score over 30 in Flappy Bird

18. [ ] You have a score over 2,000,000 in Temple Run

19. [x] You have completed too many games to count

20. [x] You own/have owned over 30 video games 


Now take your score. Multiply it by 5. You now title this journal "I am ___% Gamer".

I am 80% Gamer 


0-5 You're no gamer (Tag 1 people)
5-25 You are okay (Tag 5 people)
25-50 You are a true gamer (Tag 10 people)
50-75 You are a good gamer (Tag 15 people)
75-100 YOU ARE A LEGENDARY GAMER (Tag 20 people) 

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